June 20 - October 9, 2015

Invasion of the Giant Reptiles

Non-native reptiles are invading the Everglades and threatening the native species. This exhibit explores many of the invasive species that are threatening the balance of the Everglades ecosystem.

October 9 - 31, 2015
Floyd L. & Jane Wray: A Legacy Remembered

The Wrays accomplishments serve as an example to us all. His determination in the face of adversity set precedents that changed the citrus industry. His acheivements brought advancements in transportation, marketing, packing and shipping, water management, and tourism in South Florida. Her vision and foresight preserved the lagacy that is Flamingo Gardens.

November 5 - 29, 2015
Watercolor Wonders

The annual class exhibit presents the best work of Flamingo Gardens watercolor workshops. Opening Reception for exhibitors and friends on Thursday, November 5, from 5-7.


2014-15 Gallery Schedule:
Please note: Gallery may not be open to the public everyday, as it may be closed for a meeting or function, or in preparation for a new exhibit.

October 9 - October 31
Floyd & Jane Wray: A Legacy Remembered

November 7 - 29
Wonders in Watercolor

December 5 - January 3
2015 Camera Club Exhibit

Thank You Donors!
Our Gallery Upgrade Fund on raised over $7500 in 2013 and will be matched by another $5040 by the Community Foundation of Broward. In total we raised $12,991.20 to renovate the Gallery!

Thank you to the following Gallery Upgrade Fund donors:
Hal & Madelaine Axler
Robert & Judith Bailey
Erin Boehm
Jillian & Gene Cain
Michael & Carla Caldwell
Keith Clark
Patty & Richard Corapi
Rebecca Cox
Barbara Dix
Flamingo Gardens Orchid Society
Alyce & Larry Hall
Aaron Harless
Dolores Kaminski
Maureen Moran
Ellen G. Oldfield
Barbara Owens
Allison Piranio
Paul & Mauge Rosenberg
Isaac Sandy
Linda Sieffert
Linnea Stewart
Lowell Worsdell & Judith Robbins-Worsdell

Special Thanks to:
Business for the Arts Broward
Community Foundation of Broward
Carol Holdren
West Palm Beach Judging Center of the American Orchid Society

This project was made possible by a grant from, Business for the Arts Broward, and the Community Foundation of Broward. 

For questions about exhibits in the Gallery please call 954-473-2955 or email

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