Botanical Gardens & EVERGLADES Wildlife Sanctuary

CHANGES & CANCELLATIONS: If there are any changes to your reservations, please call us immediately at (954-473-2955 X 115.)  If you need to CANCEL, please do so at least one MONTH in advance. Weather cancellations will be rescheduled at the earliest availability. 

WEATHER:  Please be aware our programs take place, rain or shine (barring lightning, thunder, “monsoon”, etc)

SUGGESTED DRESS: Closed toe, comfortable shoes (lots of walking); shirts with sleeves; brimmed hat, appropriate dress for the expected weather.

ARRIVAL TIME: Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time in order to divide into groups, store lunches and collect payment.  If you are going to be significantly late, please telephone 954.473.2955 x 115.  

LATE ARRIVAL: We will attempt to accommodate your group. Keep in mind; we book staff time and garden space just for your group, as well as other groups.  If you are late, we will work with you to adjust your schedule (shorten rotations or drop a rotation), based on what our schedule and our staffing allows.

CONDUCT POLICY:  Please discuss the following with your students, prior to your visit:

  • In order to respect the beauty and integrity of the Gardens and protect the animals; it is the RESPONSIBILITY of the teacher/chaperone/leader to ensure that children to listen and learn and are properly supervised at ALL TIMES while on garden grounds.
  • Disruptive behaviors, such as running, shouting, littering, picking plants, climbing trees, and harassing the animals are not permitted.
  • Teachers, please be ready to assist our Guide in helping to make this a great experience for all!

LUNCH POLICY: Groups are welcome to stay for a picnic lunch. Picnic area must be reserved in advance and will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis due to limited seating.

  • Pack all lunches in closed coolers (best option), bags or boxes. You and your staff/chaperones are responsible for getting lunches off the buses and moved to the storage area.
  • Due to limited facilities we suggest bringing sanitizer/wipes to expedite pre-lunch hand washing.
  • Picnic areas are limited in space and time, so reserve early.

FOOD SERVICE: There is food service available in the gardens. If you wish to arrange lunch for your group, please place your order at least 2 days in advance. Email: or call 954.473-2955 ex 115.


DIRECTIONS: I-95 North or South to I-595 West, Drive to Flamingo Road/Hiatus Road Exit 2. Turn Left; go South for 3 miles on Flamingo Rd. Turn left on SW 36th Court.

ADDRESS: 3750 South Flamingo Rd. Davie, FL 33330

PARKING: A member of our staff will greet you (at Flamingo Gardens entrance) and direct you as to where to offload students and park buses/cars.


PLAYGROUND: Our Playground has a capacity for 25 children under 10 years old. Please plan to take your campers to a local park to play after their field trip and or lunch.

SERVICE OPPORTUNITY: Students may wish to add a service element to their Flamingo Gardens experience.Raise/collect money to feed the animals of Flamingo Gardens.


  • All of our program options meet CPALMS standards for your grade. 
  • Students should come prepared with sunscreen, insect repellent and water to drink.
  • Give your students a snack prior to leaving school, as lunchtime at Flamingo Gardens is usually later than your school site.
  • Our playground has a capacity for just 25 children (under 10 years old); please, plan to take your students to a local park to play, after their field trip and/or lunch.  (We can refer you to parks close by.)


  • Our programs are for a specific length of time and focus.  If you wish to stay you may choose to extend your visit in the gardens for an additional $2.50 per person.  Make these arrangements with the Education Department prior to your visit.
  • We have prepared a resource packet, including writing prompts, vocabulary words, citizen science opportunities, suggested reading, etc.; for your reference and information. This packet will be sent (electronically) to you, we ask that you share this packet with the other teachers participating in this trip.  
  • We would love to hear back from you regarding your class participation (which program, impact, class discoveries) in these opportunities.

PLEASE TELEPHONE FOR AVAILABILITY AND/OR RESERVATIONS TODAY: If you need more information, please contact the Education Department at 954-473-2955 X 115.

CLASS TRIP policies


Open 9:30am to 5:00pm Monday - Sunday    954.473.2955


Flamingo Gardens Education Department offers a variety of field trips for students, summer campers and other groups. Our programs grow right along with the over 28,000 children who visit us each year. We offer a unique opportunity for students to observe and learn about trees, plants, birds, native wildlife and nature using a hands-on approach in our beautiful South Florida environment. It is our mission to foster curiosity, appreciation and a respect for nature in children, while they have fun discovering the world around them. Programs include:

  • Adaptation Artistry
  • Florida History
  • Garden Adventure
  • Green Machine
  • Save Our Swamps
  • ​Virtual Scavenger Hunt
  • Wildlife Encounter
  • Gardens & Galaxies

Click here to review Class Field Trip options:

Please telephone for availability and reservations.

If you need more information, please contact the Education Department at 954-473-2955 X 115.


Our Teacher Resource  Packets have been updated and enhanced. We have worked with a curriculum specialists to identify the educational standards for each of the activities and added an answer key for the appropriate items. We hope you will find this useful in your planning.

STAFFING: In order to provide you and your students with an informative and fun experience, a staff-guide is assigned to each group. Generally we work with small groups of 15-30 students to make sure that students can see and hear as much as possible.

MINIMUM:  Minimum of *15 students per group. If your group is 15 or less you will still be responsible for payment of 15 students per group. *Some programs have a minimum.

MAKE A RESERVATION: Please have the following information
available when you   contact the Education Department to reserve space: 954-473-2955 X 115:

  • The date you would like to come on your field trip (have an alternate picked just in case). 
  • Your group/school name, address, phone number, e-mail address or fax number and contact person
  • Number of students/children and chaperones who will be attending
  • The program you wish to book (see program links above).  
  • Your arrival time.  
  • Method of payment. 
  • Whether or not you will need a picnic area reserved. 
  • Mode of transportation for parking purposes.
  • Whether you will be bringing lunch to eat on property

CHAPERONES: 1 Complimentary teacher/adult/chaperone for every 10 students, each additional chaperone/adult is $12.50.

​CONFIRMATION: After the Education Staff has booked your trip over the phone, you will receive a confirmation letter and additional instructions by e-mail or fax.

  • Please review the letter and make sure that all the information is correct.
  • If you are bringing multiple classes, make a copy of the confirmation letter and information sheet for each teacher.  
  • It is up to you to arrange and coordinate your transportation for the scheduled field trip to Flamingo Gardens.
  • Your trip is NOT confirmed until the signed confirmation letter is returned to the Education Department.