COSTS: $10 per child and $12.50 per adult

Kindergarten – 2nd grade: Wildlife Encounter 

Panthers and Gators and Snakes, Oh My! Flamingo Gardens is also home to beautiful birds, playful river otters, proud peacocks and more. Meet them all on the Wildlife Encounter. Includes:

  • Flamingo Gardens bird of prey center featuring eagles, owls, hawks, falcons and vultures.
  • Our free-flight aviary, home to over 40 species of water and wading birds in five natural habitats.
  • Our Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary, home to panthers, flamingos, bobcats, alligators, river otters, turtles, tortoises and Josh the bear.
  • A tram ride through wetlands and native hammock areas, where wildlife is frequently sighted.

3rd – 6th grade: Adaptation

An eco-educational experience with hands-on program. Students will discover how birds’ beaks and feet have adapted to living within different habitats. Includes:

  • Introduction to habitat and how adaptations help organisms survive in different parts of their habitat.
  • Discover resource partitioning and how adaptations help animals to feed and utilize the various resources within their habitat.
  • Narrated tram ride through our wetlands, rainforest and native hammock habitats and “Spy” different biotic and abiotic parts of our ecosystem
  • Experiment and model how we are all connected so we are all affected and learn how you can create a wildlife habitat in your own yard and become an environmental steward. Watershed model, discussion of habitat loss, migration and how they can help. Create a paper planter and plant a tree in it.

7th grade & up: Save Our Swamps

This program focuses on the importance of South Florida wetlands. As home to the Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary and onsite wetlands to explore. Includes:

  • Native water and wading birds are observed up close as students walk through our free flight aviary led by their guide/interpreter. Five types of wetland habitats are represented in the aviary, home to more than 40 species of birds.
  • The animals of the wetlands are well represented at Flamingo Gardens where students will see alligators, river otters, bobcats, Florida Panthers, turtles and more. Includes a narrated tram ride.
  • Students explore our mitigated wetland while learning about the importance of wetlands, the challenges they are currently facing and ways to preserve our local wetlands and the environment.
  • Students will document their observations throughout the tour on forms provided in your packet.

Flamingo Gardens will re-open Saturday, September 23.

Temporary Phone (information only) 954.439.8291

Monday - Sunday, 9:30am to 5:00pm.

Botanical Gardens & EVERGLADES Wildlife Sanctuary

October 1, 2017
​12:30pm - 1:30pm​​
Enjoy an outdoor reading of a children's story book every month in our new Children's Garden followed by a craft project!
  This month's story is "Room on the Broom" by Axel Scheffler. After the story, the children will then make a related craft. Story Time is free with paid admission (or membership) to Flamingo Gardens. An adult must stay with the child during story time and the craft.

Call the Education Department at 954-473-2955 x115​ for more information. Next dates: September 3, Welcome Home Bear by II Sung Na; October 1, Room on the Broom by Axel Scheffler; November 5, Outfoxing the Fox by Friederike Rave; and December 3, Henry the Impatient Heron by Donna Love.

Story Time & Youth Camps

$12.50 per child (includes badge)/ $12.50 per adult chaperone

Kindergarten - 3rd grade: Green Machine

Focuses on the beauty and importance of South Florida's plant kingdom. Includes:

  • Planting a small plant to take home
  • A narrated tram ride through wetlands, rainforest and native hammock habitats
  • An in-depth guided walk through our Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary to observe the panthers, black bear, bobcats, alligators, flamingos, otters and more
  • Visit the Birds of Prey Center, featuring eagles, owls, hawks, falcons, vultures – and over 20 species of raptors.

4 - 6th grades: Wildlife Encounter

Our staff will lead you and your students on a tour of the animal kingdom in South Florida.

  • Guided walk through our "Free-Flight" Aviary to observe Florida's water and shore birds in their natural wetland habitats.
  • Tour the Birds of Prey Center, featuring 20 species of raptors including eagles, owls, hawks, falcons, and vultures
  • Sanctuary to observe the panthers, black bear, bobcat, alligators, flamingos, otters and more
  • Narrated tram ride through our wetlands, rainforest and native hammock habitats.