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Botanical Gardens & EVERGLADES Wildlife Sanctuary


Ella Gould

Ella Gould is our volunteer of the month for June! Ella first started volunteering at the Gardens with her Girl Scout Troop. Ella and the troop volunteer monthly with our Education Department, participating in Story Time in the Children's Garden and the arts and crafts project that follows. Ella also designed and donated T-Shirts for the Volunteer Department. The shirts were created in an effort to help deter littering at the Gardens. The bright green shirts with Daisy the Flamingo on the back instruct people to "pick up and pitch in!" Our hope is that these shirts will be the "gentle reminder" people need to put trash in it's place. Thank you Ella for your contributions to Flamingo Gardens! 


Flamingo Gardens Orchidteers
The Orchidteers are a new group of volunteers that meet monthly to help hang and care for orchids in the gardens. The Orchidteers usually meet the second Saturday of the month at 10am for a 
demonstration from an orchid expert, followed by hands-on experience hanging new orchids or caring for existing orchids. Call Volunteer Services for more information at (954) 473-2955 x 134.

The Orchidteer Meeting dates are as follows:

​July 8- Orchids of the Philippines by Mac Rivenbark, of Mac Orchids

August 12- Presentation by Mike Coronado of RF Orchids 

Click here for the most recent Orchidteers Newsletter


Flamingo Gardens volunteers are an integral part of the garden’s history and contribute to every aspect of our operations. We depend on our dedicated volunteers to help us maintain the gardens and facilities. Like History? Become a Wray Home Museum tour guide and meet people from around the world. Like plants and gardening? Help us care for our collection of rare & native plants. Love animals? With devotion and the proper training you can become part of our dedicated animal care volunteers. Good with your hands? Help us out with carpentry, woodwork, and simple repairs.

Please review the detailed information below, then call 954-473-2955 x134 for an appointment to come in and register. 
For more information email

When you call, be sure to lets us know why you wish to volunteer and mention your areas of interest, talents and special skills.

Flamingo Gardens welcomes volunteers of all ages 12 and above: 

  • Adults 18+ wishing to contribute spare time to a worthy cause.
  • High School Students 16-18 completing their community service hours (with consent form signed by a parent)
  • Families wishing to be actively involved volunteering with their children ages 12-15. (Ages 12-15 may volunteer only when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.)
  • Court ordered service volunteers must call in advance to confirm eligibility. Parental Consent forms for court ordered volunteers under age 18 must be signed by a guardian in person at time of interview.
  • Sorry, children under 12 may not volunteer.


In most areas, volunteers must set a regular weekly schedule:

  • 9:30 am - 1 pm
  • 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • 1 pm - 4:30 pm
  • Wildlife Care requires a different schedule. 
  • Initial Interviews are held Wednesday through Saturday at 10:00am by appointment only.
  • If you can’t come every week, consider volunteering for Special Events, which are held on weekends and on holidays throughout the year.


  • Food Services- Help at the Flamingo Cafe.
  • History- Become a Wray Home Tour Guide or help with historic research, archive photos and documents, and inventory the collection.
  • Hospitality and Information- Become an ambassador of the Gardens. Staff the membership and information table at events. Visit Volunteer Fairs, Earth Day celebrations and other outside events to give information and to distribute flyers to local businesses.
  • Horticulture- A wonderful opportunity to learn more about gardening in the tropics. Specialty Gardening, on weekdays only, is a good way to get your hands dirty whether you love crotons, roses, butterfly or hummingbird gardening, amaryllis, iris, heliconia, the Fragrance Garden or the Tropical Plant House.
  • Maintenance & Woodworking- Do you enjoy working with your hands? Volunteers help build, refinish, paint and repair. Use your skills in carpentry, painting, plumbing, or electrical work to keep the Gardens in shape. 
  • Office & Computers- Help with filing, phones, faxes, mailings and data entry. Contribute your expertise in graphics or web site maintenance.
  • Orchidteers- Help hang and care for orchids in the botanical garden while learning about orchids. Volunteer group meets monthly, usually the second Saturday morning of the month for a demonstration, followed by orchid care in the gardens.
  • Retail Gift Shop- Help with sales, merchandising, dusting, straightening and re-folding T-shirts. The book collection and inventory are ever popular with volunteers.
  • Special Events- Held on weekends and holidays throughout the year with varying hours, may be for you. There's a lot to do to set-up in the weeks before -- planning, marketing, mailing and scheduling. On event days, help with vendor check-in and set-up, traffic control, security, membership tables and other positions to staff, as well as breakdown and cleanup. 
  • Special Projects- You can also share your talents on an as needed basis.  Art, photography, you name it.  Let us know of your special skills and interests.  We'll match them to a volunteer opportunity.
  • Wildlife Care- Tend to our permanently injured birds and animals requires devotion, dependability, and extensive training. An ongoing commitment of at least 150 hours is required. Volunteers must be at least 21 years of age. Prior experience is helpful. Cleaning cages starts at 7 am, rain or shine, then diets are prepared which involves handling frozen rats, chicks and fish.