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Open 7 days a week, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm. Last entry at 4pm.

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Botanical Gardens & EVERGLADES Wildlife Sanctuary

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Flamingo Gardens is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity and depends on your support and contributions.

Banner Image: Several flamingos standing in small pond.


To be the Premier Everglades Learning Center and South Florida Wildlife and Botanical Sanctuary.


Flamingo Gardens' mission is to depict, preserve, and provide education about the natural and cultural heritage of South Florida and the Everglades in our botanical gardens and wildlife sanctuary.


Provide a repository for endangered plant and wildlife species and a living library of specific taxa available for research and education.

Inspire appreciation for the beauty and diversity of tropical and subtropical plants from around the world that can be grown in our area.

Guide the public in environmentally responsible and aesthetic horticultural practices.

Encourage environmental awareness and Everglades preservation to visiting tourists, residents, and school children.


Advocacy– We encourage environmental responsibility, conservation, and sustainable practices through education, personal discovery and transformative experiences.

Stewardship– We will maintain, nurture, and protect the legacy of Floyd & Jane Wray and history of this land for future generations.

Compassion- We believe in the inherent worth, diversity, and dignity of all living things. We value the lives of all people, plants, and animals that enter our care and vow to treat them humanely and with respect.

Excellence- We demand greatness, relevance, and merit in all we do and hold ourselves and others accountable to the highest standards of personal and professional standards.

Teamwork– We will work together to embrace opportunities and challenges, and encourage creativity, innovation, and action while respecting individual points of view.

Image: Bird building nest with its young.