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Flamingo Gardens is open Martin Luther King Day, January 17, 2022 

​​Monday thru Sunday 9:30am to 5:00pm, last entry at 4pm


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Botanical Gardens & EVERGLADES Wildlife Sanctuary


We have just installed 300 Aranda orchids in a new Aranda Garden just across the footbridge in front of the waterfall. Also known as “sun orchids,” Aranda orchids are a man-made hybrid of Arachnis and Vandaorchids and can take full sun. The general rule is the thinner the orchid leaf the more sun a plant can handle. These orchids have terete (cylindrical) or semi-terete leaves so, when they are acclimated, they will thrive in Florida’s full sun. All the existing blooms have been cut off so the plants’ strength goes to growing and then to blooming again later in the season.

The new Aranda Orchid Garden is part of the Beauty of Orchids exhibition  opening in March of 2022.

New Projects


Thanks to a $125,000 grant from The Batchelor Foundation and an additional $50,000 grant from the Freed Foundation, the 30-year old Free-Flight Aviary and other surrounding bird aviaries are getting a much-need facelift! The Free-flight Aviary now has a new entrance, the rusting steel supports have been cleaned and painted, and the interior ponds have been de-mucked and cleaned. The three remaining parrot aviaries in the courtyard have been enlarged and moved inside the Arboretum for better protection. (Thanks to the Scott Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Broward, another parrot aviary was previously moved into the Arboretum in 2020.) Currently the Golden Eagle Aviary is being rebuilt, and the Hawk Walk will then be renovated just in time for the thirty year anniversary!


Gifts of $100 or more will be recognized on the donor recognition plaque.

PLATINUM DONORS ($10,000 to $19,999)
Friends of Flamingo Gardens

DIAMOND DONORS ($5,000 to $9,999)

GOLD DONORS ($2,500 to $4,999)

SILVER DONORS ($1,000 to $2,499)
Fidelity Charitable Foundation


BRONZE DONORS ($500 to $999)

EXHIBIT DONORS ($100 to $499)

If your name is misspelled, in the wrong category or missing, please email Donna at
development@flamingogardens.org or Claudia at admin@flamingogardens.org or call 954.473.2955.

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