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With your help we've raised over $255,000 and have built a wonderfull otter habitat! The Campaign is now closed and we are no longer able to add names to the donor plaque, but we can alway use donations toward the care or the otters and other animals in our wildlife sanctuary. We appreciate your support. Thank you!

Meet Fast Eddie. Fast Eddie is a North American River otter, and he is quite fond of the ladies! Fast Eddie was an orphaned cub that was rescued and hand-fed, so is now imprinted to trust humans and can no longer live in the wild. He came to Flamingo Gardens about 12 years ago to live with other otters.

Bella is our new female otter, who was hit by a car. Although now rehabilitated, she would have difficulty finding food in the wild; she would probably not survive. 

Fast Eddie and Bella are part of one of the most successful otter breeding programs in the United States. Otters at Flamingo Gardens have produced over 39 offspring since the program started in 1989. These otters have been released into the wild or sent to other breeding programs at sanctuaries across the US. Perhaps our program’s success can be attributed to the setting among all the other wildlife and our loving animal care; but maybe it’s just Fast Eddie! 

The new otter exhibit is bigger, with a larger pond, better viewing areas, a hurricane-proof night house, and multiple areas for the otters to build dens. The new exhibit will further improve the success of our breeding program and result in more otters released into the wild.


DEDICATION DONORS ($20,000 or more)
American Environment Foundation

Batchelor Foundation
Flamingo Gardens Volunteers

Pill Box Pharmacies & Medical Supply

PLATINUM DONORS ($10,000 to $19,999)
Friends of Flamingo Gardens
Lynn Tsucalas

DIAMOND DONORS ($5,000 to $9,999)

Kenny Alexopoulos

Scot DiStefano

Fleming Family Foundation

Donna Leone and Glenn Catapano of Fetish Factory 

Eddie & Kim Rodriguez

Melinda Schwartz

GOLD DONORS ($2,500 to $4,999)
Enterprise Rent-a-Car Foundation

Barrie Peterson
Folk H. Peterson Foundation

SILVER DONORS ($1,000 to $2,499)
Herb & Sandy Allenson

Rick Buczek
Drew Cariaso & Erich Veitenheimer
Jesse & Sara Cover
In Loving Memory of Daniel M. Forehand
Full Moon Daughters, River of Grass UU Congregation
Helene Hirschfeld
Andree Siracusa
Straus Family Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Ed the Welder

BRONZE DONORS ($500 to $999)

Beef O'Brady's of Cooper City
Cathi Crane

Fred & Barbara Edelstein Charitable Gift Fund
Gabriel Garcia & Carolyn Mendez
Gail Harper & Frank Flynn

Montessori Institute of Broward Monarch Students
Mayor Judy Paul
Owen Peller MD LLC
Your Friends at Weston Yoga
Alina & Daniel Vogtner
Rafi Weltman

Josette C. Wuthrich

EXHIBIT DONORS ($100 to $499)
ABGMM & K and The Thomas Family

Robert & Beverly Adlet
In Memory of Jerry Aemisegger
Shari Ashman
Beth Allen & David Caswell
Herb & Sandy Allenson
Matthew & Wendy Anthony
The Bassoff Family
In Loving Memory of Dorothy Beaupre
Roseanne Belsito & Jeff Trotta
Lauren & Salomon Benchimol
Eugenia N. Bigelow

Sandra Block-Brezner & Jeffrey Brezner
Bogart Cat
Don & Gerry Bohning

Marcella Boich
Jason & Lillibeth Bourque
Boy Scout Troop 496
Michael Brault, Michelle Brault
Roberta Burke
Paul Burton

Grace Calabrese
The Calaluca Family
California Pizza Kitchen Pembroke Pines
In Memory of Bertie Mae McDaniel Campbell
The Cando Family
Dub & Nancy Carpenter
Megan & Jenna Castillo
Julia Chernova

Mike & Kate Chesen

Michele Chorak

Keith Clark
Lloyd Colvin & Susan Maliner-Colvin

Hendrik Cornelisser

Michael A. & Joan K. Crain
Kevin & Sandra Davis
Aida & Joseph De Pascale
Barry Deutsch & Nancy Paris
Scot DiStefano
Charles Diviney

Dominick and Erynn
Hannah & Madison Duque
Joyce & Leslie Egyes
George Esper

In Memory of Allen Eversmeyer
Jean & Adam Faber
Joan Fallon
Ronald & Anita Fox
Robert Fuchs & Michael Coronado
Favis & Laura Fuentes

John & Susan Gibson

Jill Giovannetti
Marc & Jennifer Goldfarb
Teleckies Gorsky
Greg & Karen Goth
Carolyn & Martin Granoff
Elizabeth Griffiths
Sue Grimm
Sherman & Teresa Hager
Alyce & Larry Hall
Clara Hernandez
David & Andrea Hirschfeld
Beth Hirschfeld
Carol Holdren
Ransom & Jackson Hollahan

Alexander Hoover and Boy Scout Troop 224

Bryce Hoover and Boy Scout Troop 224
Arlene & Theodore Horowitz
Helen Hunter
In Memory of Jasmine Marie Jimenez
The Jimenez Family, Maia & Roberto
Valerie Johnston & Michael
Michael & Dorothy Katz
Travis & Jennifer Kauffman
Sara & Matthew Kearney
Gail & Lincoln Kiem

Glenn Kirke & Charlotte Noll
Leland Koble
Valerie & Michael Koller

In Memory of B.J. and Micah Koshel
Constanze & Michael Krause
Brian Kuendal in Memory of Minka
Aneesh Lakhani

Gopi Lalitha & Nair Sabari
In Honor of Liam James & Mali Ida Larrow
Kimberly Lehmann
Virginia & Jack Lehmann
In Memory of Walter J. Lemons
Naomi Levy
Wayne & Allyson Linder

​Zach Little and Boy Scout Troop 208

Luv'n Oven Pizza & Pasta
Robert H. & Veronica Maliner
Gerhard Mangei
Carol & Bruce Marcus
Carolyn & Ed Maruggi
Tom & Barbara McLaughlin
Memorial Senior Partners Craft Class
Melissa Mitchell
Emma A. de la Morena
Courtney Murphy
New Jerusalem Summer Camp
Robert & Anna Nograd

Anthony Oliveri

Todd Palgon
The Paper Family
Mary Parish
Paws Animal Club
Pet Paradise Pet Resort Fort Lauderdale

George Pickard
Emily K. Pigula
Israel & Laura Pressman

Susan Pruss
Sharon Pursley
Janet Raymond

Tom & April Reamsnyder

The Crystale & Trevor Reid Foundation
Leah & Steve Renzi
Bonnie & Will Riley
Dr. & Mrs. William Riley
James & Barbara Rogal
Zeff & Vicki Ross
In Memory of Astor & Emma Royd
Michael Ruggieri
Jay & Theresa Rudolph
Mark & Ginger Sadolf
In Honor of Joseph Santana
Penni & Robert Schoner
Beth Schwartz
Nicholas and Isabella Selvaggi
Linda Sieffert
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Sguros

In Memory of Darlene Aemiseggar Shivers
The Shiwa Family
David & Karen Shores
Linda Sieffert
Randall Siller
John & Jennifer Simons
Fern & Bernard Sloan

Brett Snyder 

In Memory of Bernie Soberman
In Loving Memory of Sally Spiegler
Mike & Marilyn Steele
Liana Stinson & Holly Schmidt
Michael J. Thom. Beatriz I. Thom
Melissa Tuttle
In Loving Memory of Leonard & Gloria Velo

Ann Walter
Craig & Jaana Weiner
Steve Welker
Bob Wertz & Rafael Carona
West Palm Beach Judging Center of the AOS
Sharon A. White

Grant Wilkinson of Boy Scout Troop 224

Calvin Williams and Boy Scout Troop 496

Leslie Wolkowitz
Jackie Wood
Lowell Worsdell & Judith Robbins-Worsdell
Shari Wosk
David & Jean Wyatt
Laura Wyatt
Christopher Vendrell, Eagle Scout BSA Troop 128
Violet Patch of South Florida
Gold Coast Miata Club

If your name is misspelled, in the wrong catagory, or missing please email Keith at development@flamingogardens.org or Claudia at admin@flamingogardens.org or call (954) 473-2955.


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