Riddle for Day 23 of the Hunt! 

Bushy Beard

I’m quite young, but they call me “old.”
My bushy “beard” makes that tale long told.
I’m slow growing with quite the shade.
My leaves are long and don’t fade.
I have a small fruit and can resemble a tower.
Look around for my summer flower. 

Click here for "Bushy Beard"

Riddle for Day 1 of the Hunt! 

River of Grass

The river of grass is what they call me,

I'm not very fast and I flow patiently.
I'm very important to people and critters.
I clean up the water with my plants as the filters. 

Alligators and birds rely on my system.
And if I dry up they could disappear and I'd miss them.
One of the world’s greatest wonders to see.

Do you know where I am?Can you try & name me?

Riddle for Day 8 of the Hunt! 

A Caterpillar's Tasty Delight

​​​Atala butterflies, who were once thought extinct, 

lay their eggs on my leaves which are quite distinct.

And toxic, I should add, so don't take a bite,
​unless you're an Atala caterpillar, 

then they're a tasty delight.

​​​​Do you know where I am? ​Can you try & name me?
Click here for "A Caterpillar's Tasty Delight"

Riddle for Day 17 of the Hunt! 

Flavorful Fingers

My fingers are one of American’s favorite things to eat.
If you’re really hungry, my whole hand can be your treat.
Even my heart can be a delicious meal.
But compost my skin; you don’t want to slip on my peel.
I’m a tall plant, not a tree.
And my long fruit is actually a berry.
​​​​Do you know where I am? ​Can you try & name me?
Click here for "Flavor Fingers"

Riddle for Day 15 of the Hunt! 

Poison Apple

I was once common in the Everglades, but reduced from deforestation.
I love to grow in clusters to create an island formation.
My buttery yellow flowers are sure to visually please,
And I grow fruit called an apple that has poisonous seeds.
You don’t want to eat these apples, they taste very bitter.
But they’re an excellent source of food for alligators, squirrels and other critters.
​​​​Do you know where I am? ​Can you try & name me?
Click here for "Poison Apple"


Riddle for Day 13 of the Hunt! 

Tiny Terror

​​Please don’t be fooled by my tiny stature.
I’m a fierce predator: rodent, bird and fly catcher.
This is how big I get, and no, I’m not a runt.
At dusk I come out to start my hunt.
The trees are my home, they keep me protected.
They camouflage me and keep me undetected.
I eat my prey whole, nothing tastes greater.
I’ll throw up their bones, fur and feathers a little bit later.

​​​​Do you know where I am? ​Can you try & name me?
Click here for "Tiny Terror"

Riddle for Day 11 of the Hunt! 

Plant or Planetarium

​​​My white flowers resemble stars in the night sky.
Gardeners love me; with abundant flowers, you can see why!
Requiring minimal pruning means I’m not fussy.
My flowers have a fragrance that is sweet and musky.
Being able to grow in the ground or a container,
Makes having me in a small garden a no-brainer!

​​​​Do you know where I am? ​Can you try & name me?
Click here for "Plant or Planetarium"

Riddle for Day 20 of the Hunt! 

Floating Seat

If I had ears, I’d hear the ducks quack,
as the common gallinule walks across my back.
I’m a floating seat
for a frog that is beat.
And a fancy cap
for an alligator waiting to snap.
Sitting pretty with my little yellow flower,
helping to clean the water, that’s my real power.

Click here for "Floating Seat" 

Riddle for Day 7 of the Hunt! 

Deadly Hug

​​​I belong in Southeast Asia, not the Everglades;  
but thanks to the pet trade, I've been here for decades.
They say I'm invasive, but I think I'm just fine.
I love the weather, the water, the food on which I dine.
And I'm not afraid to give my deadly hug to an alligator.
I'll replace him as apex predator sooner or later.

​​​​Do you know where I am? ​Can you try & name me?
Click here for "A Deadly Hug"

Riddle for Day 6 of the Hunt! 

Extraterrestrial Perennial

​​​​​I stand tall in a lake, marsh or pond.

​With long, grassy stalks, I look like a wand.

​Growing year after year makes me a perennial. 

​My unusual brown flower makes me look extraterrestrial. 

​My leaves can be used to make mats and seats.

​Surprisingly I'm edible and make for good eats. 

​​Do you know where I am? ​Can you try & name me?
Click here for "Extraterrestrial Perennial"

Riddle for Day 19 of the Hunt! 

Tiny Teeth

I stand in shallow water, blowing in the breeze,
loving the tropical weather, hating the freeze.
I have tiny teeth, but I do not bite.
Snails lay their eggs on me, providing food for the snail kite.
My blades are as sharp as a knife’s edge.
They call me a grass but I’m really a sedge.
​​​​Do you know where I am? ​Can you try & name me?
Click here for "Tiny Teeth" 

Riddle for Day 25 of the Hunt! 

Giant Floating Seeds

I love living in Florida with the sun and the sand,
but it’s hard to determine my native land.
Because my giant seeds float far and long.
If it’s hot and sandy, I feel like I belong.
People love my food and drink.
But getting to it is harder than you think.
Just chop my husk, you don’t need a cup.
Just put some lime in me and drink me all up.

Click here for "Giant Floating Seeds"

Riddle for Day 2 of the Hunt! 

I'm Bald with Knees

I'm tall and I'm lean and can live very long.

​My home is a swamp, it's where I belong.

​The summer flood waters come up to my knees. 

My knees keep me grounded when there's a strong breeze.

​More than one name, I go by several monikers,

​but one thing's for sure, I'm one of the conifers.

I lose all my needles when it gets cool and dry. ​But I'm not bald for long, they'll all have grown back by July.

Do you know where I am? ​Can you try & name me?

Click here for "I'm Bald with Knees"

Riddle for Day 3 of the Hunt! 

Not an Ugly Duckling

​​My babies are not ugly ducklings as the 

story suggests.

They are beautiful cygnets, and I think they're the best.

I may look elegant as I silently rest,

but I'll surely attack you if you mess with my nest! 

Do you know where I am? ​Can you try & name me?
Click here for " Not an Ugly Duckling"

Riddle for Day 21 of the Hunt! 

Sleek and Lean Submarine

I spend my time at the coast,
and by the ponds and rivers that I love most.
You might see me, looking sleek and lean,
perched on the branch of an evergreen
or swimming under water like a submarine,
where I can dine on the finest, marine cuisine.

Click here for "Sleek and Lean Submarine"

Riddle for Day 4 of the Hunt! 

Shade for Escapades 

​​In our dry habitat there are many plants to see,
One of them being the Gumbo Limbo tree!
A tropical forest found in the Everglades,
Our shade keeps you cool during your escapades,
Plenty of animals love to live here,
Like panthers, woodpeckers, and even key deer,
With a tall, broad, leafy canopy,
You’re sure to love our beautiful majesty.

Do you know where I am? ​Can you try & name me?
Click here for "Shade for Escapades"

Daily Diorama Craft Project

Create your own diorama art or print art from Ms. Kathy's collection. 

Thank you to Sandra from Animal Care who painted the art from Episode 2.  

Your Riddle for Day 18 of the Hunt! 

Wonderful Wading Weed

Fish love my roots; bees love my flower.
My seeds are a food ducks love to devour.
I stand in shallow water, blowing in the breeze,
hanging with my neighbors and all their wooden knees.
But it’s my vibrant purple color that makes me the best.
Helen and Troy can watch me while sitting in their nest.
​​​​Do you know where I am? ​Can you try & name me?
Click here for Episode 18.  

Riddle for Day 14 of the Hunt! 

Long, Lanky, Leafless

I’m long, lanky and leafless standing in shallow water.
I’ve been used to write a note to a son or a daughter.
I love the warm weather; I don’t want to freeze.
My flowers look like pom-poms blowing in the breeze.
Native to Africa, the ancient Egyptians loved me.
The list of my uses is very lengthy.
Baskets, blankets, boats, food, and fuel.
Don’t forget paper, without it what would you do in school?
With so many uses important to their lifestyle.
They consider me one of the great gifts of the Nile.. 
​​​​Do you know where I am? ​Can you try & name me?
Click here for "Long, Lanky, Leafless"

Riddle for Day 12 of the Hunt! 


​​I try not to chill out; I love the sun.
That and moderate watering is all that’s done.
I grow fruit, but that’s not my big deal.
My scented flowers give me wide appeal.
I’m a gift to a sweetheart, Ma or Pa.
And in Hawaii, I come with “Aloha.”

​​​​Do you know where I am? ​Can you try & name me?
Click here for "Aloha"

Put on your safari hats, grab your binoculars, and come explore the grounds of Flamingo Gardens Mondays through Fridays on our virtual scavenger hunt with Ms. Kathy, Nature Detective, and Chester the Scavenger or one of her other scavenger friends, in search of hidden gems to build an Everglades diorama that you can build at home too! 

​Each day, you'll receive a riddle on what we will search for the following day. Daily scavenger hunts will be posted here and on Facebook and YouTube.

Although the Virtual Learning Series is targeted for Pre-K to 2nd Grade, it is actually fun for all ages!​

Riddle for Day 22 of the Hunt! 

Herbivorous Rock

I love fruits, veggies and especially grass.
I take my time walking while others pass.
I don’t have vibrant colors like a peacock.
If I stand very still you might think I’m a rock.
My claws are perfect for digging in the dirt.
My hard shell protects me from getting hurt.
Deep underground is where my home ends.

Click here for "Herbivorous Rock"

Everglades Ecosystem Diorama Supply List:
Medium to large size box (such as a shoe box or larger)
Construction paper (various colors) or white paper that can be colored with crayons
Crayons (you can also use paint or markers too)
Glue, Tape and Scissors
String, Yarn, or Thread
Empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls
Cotton balls or Dryer Lint
Twigs, Leaves, and Pebbles

Optional - Gardening at Home:
We're growing vegetables in our Children's Garden. Join us by planting your own seeds or follow our progress. 

Supplies: Container (egg carton), Soil, Water, Seeds
We’re using: Tomato, Peppers, Peas, Cucumber

Riddle for Day 24 of the Hunt! 

Hippo's Fruit 

I'm a tall tree with really cool fruit.
The fruit it hangs by my powerful roots.
I’m pollinated by bats and bees.
If I were in Africa, the hippos would eat me.
Who could I be?

Click here for "Hippo's Fruit"

Riddle for Day 5 of the Hunt! 

Old and Twisted

I'm over 200 years old and live on a high hill​​,

​I love southern warm weather; I can't stand a chill.

My wood has been used to build naval ships, you can have a picnic under me, perhaps a sandwich with chips? ​

Adorned with epiphytes like Spanish Moss,

​I'm one of the most majestic trees you'll ever come across. My twisted branches hold ferns, orchids and more,

what is this tree that was planted by forefathers before?​​

Do you know where I am? ​Can you try & name me?
Click here for "Old & Twisted"

Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Arts & Culture, and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture.

​​​​Episode 1. Gather supplies. 

Episode 2. Click here for Printable Art

Episode 3. Click here for  Printable Art

Episode 4. Use egg carton or similar object for slightly elevated land. Glue green paper (or color paper) for grass. 

​Episode 5. Click here for Instructions.
Episode 6. See Ms. Kathy's example on video. 
Episode 7. Click here for Printable Art.
Episode 8. Click here for Printable Art.
Episode 9. See Ms. Kathy's example on video.

Episode 10, Click here for Printable Art.

Episode 11. Click here for Printable Art.

Episode 12. Click here for Printable Art.

Episode 13. Click here for Printable Art

​Episodes 14-17. See Ms. Kathy's example on video.

​Episode 18. Click here for Printable Art

​Episodes 19-20. See Ms. Kathy's example on video.

Episode 21. Click here for Printable Art

Episode 22. Click here for Printable Art

Episode 23. See Ms. Kathy's example on video.​​

Episode 24. Click here for Printable Template.

Episode 25. See Ms. Kathy's example on video. 

Funding for this elearning project is provided in part by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners as recommended by the Broward Cultural Council. 

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Riddle for Day 9 of the Hunt! 

Sweet Grass

​​​Many think I'm a tree, but I'm actually a grass.
As the world's largest crop, they produce me en mass.
My reed is sweeter than you might think,
you can use me as a stirrer in a tropical drink!

​​​​Do you know where I am? ​Can you try & name me?
Click here for "Sweet Grass"

Riddle for Day 10 of the Hunt! 

Scared Stiff

​​​My nocturnal family can vary considerably in size,
Not picky eaters, we’ll eat meat, ticks, even
french fries.
If you threaten me, I'll fake my own death,
I'll hiss and scream and let out a shrill breath.
If you haven’t guessed me yet, I’ll give one more clue,
I carry my babies around just like a kangaroo.

​​​​Do you know where I am? ​Can you try & name me?
Click here for "Scared Stiff"

Riddle for Day 16 of the Hunt! 

Deadly Grasp

As an epiphyte my life begins, providing nooks for animals within my skin.
On host trees I secure my clasp,
Wrapping around with my deadly grasp. 
When my roots reach the ground,
Then my host will be forever bound. 
​​​​Do you know where I am? ​Can you try & name me?
Click here for "Deadly Grasp."