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Botanical Gardens & EVERGLADES Wildlife Sanctuary

Image: Wildlife presenter during a show with a bird of prey standing on her arm.
Image: Wildlife encounter show with presenter talking to guests in the amphitheater.
Image: Owl standing in it's enclosure.
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​We often have special animal presentation on events days. These special presentations and tours will teach you all about the birds in the Free-flight Aviary, or the mammals and reptiles of the Everglades, and give you a chance to pose your questions to experts. Check the Events page for details on special presentations.

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In an effort to promote social distancing during the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, the Wildlife Encounter Shows will be suspended until further notice starting March 16.  Thank you for your understanding.

Each day Flamingo Gardens presents live presentations at the Everglades Amphitheater featuring Florida native wildlife. Both fun and informative, the shows present a variety of wildlife such as birds of prey, mammals, and reptiles, and their relationships with the environment.

All Wildlife Encounter Shows are free with admission to Flamingo Gardens.

Wildlife Encounters are presented daily at 11:30, 1:30, and 3:30 pm (weather permitting) at the Wildlife Encounter Outdoor Amphitheater.

Animal Ambassador Holding Area is Renovated

Thanks to a grant from The Batchelor Foundation, Flamingo Gardens wildlife sanctuary was able to replace their 27-year-old Ambassador Species Holding Area with a brand-new facility.

The Animal Species Holding Area is home to over twenty birds and animals that are used as “Ambassador Animals” to educate the over 170,000 visitors to Flamingo Gardens each year, including 30,000 school children visiting on class field trips. The animals provide education to the public via 3 daily Wildlife Encounters which strive to provide guests with a deeper understanding of the Everglades and a greater appreciation for the birds and animals that inhabit it.
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